Product Insight

Create better products by replacing design assumptions with facts using the Creo Product Insight Extension and the power of the IoT.

Replace Design Assumptions with Facts

The Creo Product Insight Extension allows you to take advantage of the IoT and replace design assumptions with facts. The software allows you to collect real-world product, data from the test-bed to the field, and bring that data back into your CAD design. This allows you to improve new product designs, create new smart products, and conduct trend analysis to design future generations of products. Finally, the Creo Product Insight Extension is fully integrated with ThingWorx, the world’s leading industrial IoT platform, making it easier to collect and share product usage data.

With the Creo Product Insight Extension you can:

  • Validate design requirements by replacing assumptions with real world data
  • Decrease reliance on physical prototyping
  • Optimize the use of sensors
  • Ensure new product designs provide the necessary data streams
  • Improve the quality of current and next-generation products by identifying and correcting design flaws
  • Identify business opportunities for new products, features, or product extensions
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